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Whew! Okay I have built up enough courage to post here! And yes this is totally what I decided to name my account xD I have written 2 other fics (about Mindcrack as well) but they were not good enough for me. This is the best I have written and even though it's not amazing at least I tried. Right?

This first chapter might not make too much sense, but I will explain more of it in the next part. Hope you enjoy and maybe it won't suck too much? maybe? Also tell me if I did a cut wrong or somthing along those lines. Thanks! :D

Ch. 1 – The Death Games
PauseUnpause POV:

PauseUnpause looked up at the star filled night sky, the icy air sending shivers down his spine. “Okay let’s go!” he heard Guude call out.

With his stone sword in hand, Pause sneaked around the smooth sandstone corners, looking carefully around. He didn’t want to be the first one out of the Death Games at Zisteau’s Lens.

“NO ETHO GO AWAY!” He heard Beef yell out.

Pause looked at the bed up top and saw VintageBeef sitting down on it, unhappily.

“Heh, poor Beef,” Pause thought to himself. “Always out first in these things.”

“Come out; come out where ever you are…” Guude whispered.

Pause jumped out on to Guude and swung his sword. Guude knocked him off his back when he was shot by an arrow. Pause turned to where the arrow shot from and saw Etho holding his bow. Guude quickly ran away not even trying to mess with the ninja’s magical skills of bending arrows.

Pause ran up to Etho and swung his sword. Etho kept him at a distance, shooting multiple arrows into his body. “Shoot! I need to fall back.”

Pause hid behind a wall, waiting patiently for his opponent. Sweat was slowly dripping down his face, making the cool air pleasant. In a matter of seconds he was face to face with Etho. A stone sword inches away from his face. Suddenly everything went black.


“What? Where am I?”

Pause found himself lying down on very dry and brittle dirt. He looked up to the sky and saw grey clouds blocking any major sunshine to pass though. “What’s going on...?”

Pause stood up and turned around to see what was behind him, since all that was in front of him was miles of dirt. He looked and saw huge towers of basalt and other buildings. It was a small city.

“Should I go there?” Pause thought to himself.

“Maybe there are people that can tell me what I am doing here.” Pause decided to head towards the city, not knowing what to expect from it. When he arrived it was very loud, bustling with machinery going to work. There were no voices though. Suddenly two people appeared. Pause could not see their faces since they were doused in Nano suit armor.

“Umm… can you please tell me where I am?” Pause asked with a hint of concern in his voice. The men looked at each other and grabbed him. They started carrying him towards a very tall and huge building. It was nothing like the others. It was covered in nether rack linings and obsidian spikes pointing out of the walls. Oddly it looked… familiar..

“LET GO!” Pause yelled. Twisting and trying to escape the sturdy grasp. “Where are you taking me!?” One of the guys responded with his deep robot voice. “To the king.”

“The king?” Pause said baffled. “Who’s that?”

“You ask a lot of questions,” the other replied.

Pause sighed. Looking at the floor as they climbed many stone brick stairs until they finally reached a big room. Completely round walls and a celling covered in glowstone, the room was made of stone brick as well, and Pause had to admit it was a very nice room. Pause looked around and saw a man in quantum armor.

“Who is this person you’ve brought upon me?” he said, gesturing his hand towards the Indian. Another man was next to him in Nano suit armor.

One of the soldiers responded “We don’t know who he is. We found him in the city.” The quantum man or the king, Pause had guessed, was looking at him carefully.

“Execute him.”

The color in Pause’s face drained away. “Wait! We….we need a soldier!” The king turned to the man next to him.

“Do we?”

“Ya! I’ll teach him!” He implored.

“Fine, but only this time VintageBeef.” Pause gasped when he heard the name.

“Beef! What are you doing here?”

“What? I don’t… know you,” Beef said confused.

“I bet you can’t describe what he looks like,” said one of the men holding him.

“He has fluffy dark brown hair with a beard, blue eyes, and blood stains on his hands from his previous job of being a butcher,” Pause explained confidently. Beef took off his helmet, completely shocked. A smile tugged at the edge of his mouth. He started at Pause with the lovely blue eyes.
“He showed you up Baj!” Beef yelled. His voice not being all robotic from the armor. Pause looked up to one of the guys who was holding him as he let go of his arm and took off their helmet. A zombie pigman showed his face.

“Zisteau!” Pause yelled with joy. The other helmet was taken off, reveling Baj.

“Strange Indian,” Baj said to Pause.

“Hey brit, at least I’m not disgusting like you.”

Baj was about to strike him when Zisteau gave him a look.

“Well, he looks to now all of you; he will do great as a solider,” the king said. “Who are you then king? Pause asked. “Are you Guude?” Beef had a shocked look on his face.

“Umm… I-Indian guy, don’t…” Beef started, and then the king took off his helmet. Pause stared into the purple eyes so full of darkness and evil.


Okay part one done! Thanks for reading :D I'm so nervous, now all I have to do is click the post button...
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